Conference Program

Preliminary Program DEBS 2017 in Barcelona

Monday 19th– Friday 23rd of June 2017

Caution: This is still a preliminary schedule. Some slots may change!

Monday June 19th

08:00—09:00: Registration

09:00—12:30: Workshop on „Events meet Processes”

14:00—17:30: Doctoral Symposium

Tuesday June 20th

08:00—09:00: Registration

09:00—17:30: Tutorials

Tutorial 1: Alexander Artikis, Matthias Weidlich, Alessandro Margara, Martin Ugarte, Stijn Vansummeren. Complex Event Recognition Languages.

Tutorial 2: Martin Hirzel, Scott Schneider, Kanat Tangwongsan. Sliding-Window Aggregation Algorithms.

Tutorial 3: Leornado Querzoni, Nicolo Rivetti. Data Streaming and its Application to Stream Processing.

Tutorial 4: Opher Etzion. Human-body Related Event Processing.

Tutorial 5: Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili. Reflections on Almost Two Decades of Research into Stream Processing.

Wednesday June 21st

08:00—09:00 Registration

09:00—09:30 Welcome

09:30—10:30 Session 1: New Direction Papers

Suad Sejdovic, Sven Euting, Dominik Riemer and York Sure-Vetter. Considering Human Factors in the Development of Situation-Aware CEP Applications. (New Direction Paper)

Aleksandar Antonic, Martina Marjanovic and Ivana Podnar Zarko. Modeling Aggregate Input Load of Interoperable Smart City Services. (New Direction Paper)

Piyush Yadav, Umair Ulhassan, Souleiman Hasan and Edward Curry. The Event Crowd: A novel approach for crowd-enabled event processing. (New Direction Paper)

11:00—12:30 Session 2: High Performance and Distribution

Ruben Mayer, Muhammad Adnan Tariq and Kurt Rothermel. Minimizing Communication Overhead in Window-Based Parallel Complex Event Processing. (Research Paper)

Kanat Tangwongsan, Martin Hirzel and Scott Schneider. Low-Latency Sliding-Window Aggregation in Worst-Case Constant Time. (Research Paper)

Daniel Ritter, Jonas Dann, Norman May and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma. Hardware Accelerated Application Integration Processing. (Industry Paper)

Benjamin Erb, Dominik Meißner, Jakob Pietron and Frank Kargl. Chronograph – A Distributed Processing Platform for Online and Batch Computations on Event-sourced Graphs. (Experience Paper)

14:00—15:00 Joint Keynote: ECOOP and DEBS

15:30—16:30 DEBS 10 years time award

16:30—17:00 Poster & Demos short presentations

T.B.A. DEBS and ECOOP joint Poster & Demonstration reception

Thursday June 22nd

08:00—09:00 Registration

09:00—10:00 Keynote

10:30—12:00 Session 3: Publish/Subscribe

Pooya Salehi, Kaiwen Zhang and Hans-Arno Jacobsen. PopSub: Improving Resource Utilization in Distributed Content-based Publish/Subscribe Systems. (Research Paper)

Sukanya Bhowmik, Muhammad Adnan Tariq, Alexander Balogh and Kurt Rothermel. Addressing TCAM Limitations of Software-Defined Networks for Content-Based Routing. (Research Paper)

Philippe Dobbelaere and Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili. Kafka versus RabbitMQ: A Comparative Study of Two Industry-reference Publish/Subscribe Implementations. (Industry Paper)

Kyoungho An, Shweta Khare and Aniruddha Gokhale. An Autonomous and Dynamic Coordination and Discovery Service for Wide-Area Peer-to-peer Publish/Subscribe. (Experience Paper)

13:30—15:10 Session 4: Reliability and Security

Nikos Zacheilas, Vana Kalogeraki, Vincenzo Gulisano, Yiannis Nikolakopoulos, Marina Papatriantafilou and Philippas Tsigas. Maximizing Determinism in Stream Processing Under Latency Constraints. (Research Paper)

Aurélien Havet, Rafael Pires, Pascal Felber, Marcelo Pasin, Romain Rouvoy and Valerio Schiavoni. SecureStreams: Reactive Middleware for Secure Data Stream Processing. (Research Paper)

Lorenzo Affetti, Alessandro Margara and Gianpaolo Cugola. FlowDB: Integrating Stream Processing and Consistent State Management. (Research Paper)

Alexander Artikis, Nikos Katzouris, Ivo Correia, Chris Baber, Natan Morar, Inna Skarbovsky, Fabiana Fournier and Georgios Paliouras. A Prototype for Credit Card Fraud Management. (Industry Paper).

15:45—17:30 DEBS Grand Challenge 2017

17:30—18:30 DEBS Business Meeting

18:30—20:00 Social Event

20:00 Banquet

Friday June 23rd

08:00—09:00 Registration

09:00—10:00 Keynote 3

10:30—12:00 Session 5: Learning, Automation and Integration

Elias Alevizos, Alexander Artikis and Georgios Paliouras. Event Forecasting with Pattern Markov Chains. (Research Paper)

Raef Mousheimish, Yehia Taher and Karine Zeitouni. Automatic Learning of Predictive CEP Rules: Bridging the Gap between Data Mining and Complex Event Processing. (Research Paper)

Jürgen Thanhofer-Pilisch, Rick Rabiser, Thomas Krismayer, Michael Vierhauser, Paul Grünbacher, Stefan Wallner, Klaus Seyerlehner and Helmut Zeisel. An Event-based Capture-and-Compare Approach to Support the Evolution of Systems of Systems. (Experience Paper)

Shima Zahmatkesh, Emanuele Della Valle and Daniele Dell’Aglio. Using Rank Aggregation in Continuously Answering SPARQL Queries on Streaming and Quasi-static Linked Data. (Experience Paper)

13:30—14:00 DEBS 2018 address

14:00—15:15 Session 6: Models and Analysis for Understanding Distributed and Event-Based Systems

Fabrice Starks, Thomas Plagemann and Stein Kristiansen. DCEP-Sim: An Open Simulation Framework for Distributed CEP. (Research Paper)

Vincenzo Gulisano, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Yiannis Nikolakopoulos, Marina Papatriantafilou and Philippas Tsigas. Performance Modeling of Stream Joins. (Research Paper)

Arnon Lazerson, Moshe Gabel, Daniel Keren and Assaf Schuster. One for All and All for One: Simultaneous Approximation of Multiple Functions over Distributed Streams. (Research Paper)

15:50 Closing


Grand Challenge Papers:

  1. Grand Challenge: Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing Equipment with Apache Flink. Nicolo Rivetti, Yann Busnel and Avigdor Gal.
  2. Grand Challenge: Anomaly Detection of Manufacturing Equipment via High Performance RDF Data Stream Processing. Nihla Akram, Sachini Siriwardene, Malith Jayasinghe, Miyuru Dayarathna, Isuru Perera, Seshika Fernando, Srinath Perera, Upul Bandara and Sriskandarajah Suhothayan.
  3. Grand Challenge: Optimized Stage Processing for Anomaly Detection on Numerical Data Streams. Ciprian Amariei, Paul Diac and Emanuel Onica.
  4. Grand Challenge: Real-time High Performance Anomaly Detection over Data Streams. Dimitrije Jankov, Sourav Sikdar, Rohan Mukherjee, Kia Teymourian and Chris Jermaine.
  5. Grand Challenge: StreamLearner — Distributed Incremental Machine Learning on Event Streams. Christian Mayer, Ruben Mayer and Majd Abdo.
  6. Grand Challenge: Runtime Anomaly Detection Method in Smart Factories using Machine Learning on RDF Event Streams. Joong-Hyun Choi, Kang-Woo Lee, Hyungken Jung and Eun-Sun Cho.
  7. Grand Challenge: Automatic Anomaly Detection over Ordering Sliding Windows. Tarek Zaarour, Niki Pavlopoulou, Soulieman Hasan, Umair Ulhassan and Edward Curry.


Poster and Demo Papers:

  1. Cascading Data Corruption: About Dependencies in Cyber-Physical Systems. Stefan Gries, Marc Hesenius and Volker Gruhn. 
  2. Software-defined Adaptive Resource Management for Cloud-hosted Group Communication Applications. Prithviraj Patil, Akram Hakiri and Aniruddha Gokhale. 
  3. The Requirements Engineering Perspective on Events in Cyber-Physical Systems. Julius Ollesch, Marc Hesenius, Volker Gruhn and Cyril Alias. 
  4. Real-Time Football Analysis with StreamTeam. Lukas Probst, Frederik Brix, Heiko Schuldt and Martin Rumo. 
  5. Raphtory: Decentralised Streaming for Temporal Graphs. Benjamin Steer, Felix Cuadrado and Richard Clegg. 
  6. Multilateral Context Analysis based on the Novel Visualization of Network Tomography. Young Yoon, Yongjun Choi and Suchul Shin. 
  7. Building Connected Car Applications on Top of the World-Wide Streams Platform. Wolfgang Van Raemdonck, Tom Van Cutsem, Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili, Mauricio Cortes, Philippe Dobbelaere, Lode Hoste, Eline Philips, Marc Roelands and Lieven Trappeniers. 
  8. Demo: Solution Recommender for System Failure Recovery via Log Event Pattern Matching on a Knowledge Graph. Miyuru Dayarathna, Prabhash Akmeemana, Srinath Perera and Malith Jayasinghe.  
  9. Demo: Scalable Complex Event Processing on a Notebook. Miyuru Dayarathna, Minudika Malshan, Srinath Perera and Malith Jayasinghe.
  10. REMI, Reusable Elements for Multi-Level Information Availability. Avigdor Gal, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Vana Kalogeraki, Ioannis Katakis, Nikolaos Panagiotou, Nicolo Rivetti and Arik Senderovich. 
  11.  Poster: Challenges with Image Event Processing. Asra Aslam, Souleiman Hasan and Edward Curry.
  12. Demonstration of a Prototype for Credit Card Fraud Management. Ivo Correia, Alexander Artikis, Nikos Katzouris, Chris Baber, Natan Morar, Inna Skarbovsky, Fabiana Fournier and Georgios Paliouras.